Engineering success for Military and Commercial Fleets

Research and Development

Our Engineering Department performs all product research and development of Syntech products on site in our Tallahassee, Florida office.  It includes a staff of 50 electrical, software and mechanical engineers, as well as Computer Science and MIS graduates.  The department comprises almost one-third of the entire Syntech Systems staff. Research and Development is the focus of the majority of Syn-Tech’s engineers, thus placing our organization at the forefront of the electronic fuel management industry.

Syntech engineers design all printed circuit board electronics, chassis and other mechanical assemblies, power subsystems, embedded software for all our hardware devices, and a variety of Graphical User Interface (GUI) oriented systems for use on Microsoft Windows, Windows CE for the Syntech APOSD, Linux and the web. All aspects of FuelMaster design are accomplished by our in-house development staff. The department also includes the Test Engineering group, which assures that all items developed meet Syntech standards for quality and reliability, and the Application Engineering group, whose members provide a broad range of engineering services to other Syntech staff and our customers.

Based on the certification of Windows compliance of a variety of Syntech products and the accredited qualifications of engineering and other Syntech staff, Syntech is a Microsoft “Gold” Certified Partner.  This standing provides the development staff with access to the latest technologies available and planned from Microsoft.  This,and continuous research in many other relevant technologies, allow the engineering staff to plan for and provide solutions for our customers needs which meet the state of the art in fuel management systems.