Commercial Customers Testimonials

Erik Gustafson

Fleet Manager, City of Chico, CA

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the FUELMASTER® project. The system is working well and all sub contractors did an outstanding job during construction. FUELMASTER® is becoming a powerful tool coupled with RTA in our Fleet Management operation. Over the last couple of days I've already caught a patrol car with an active OBD-II code through the AIM2 system. Yesterday, I caught a P.D. F-250 that had gone 1000 miles over it's 5000 mile maintenance interval just from analyzing my fuel report from my desk.

Butch Smith

Fleet Services Supervisor, City of Fontana, CA

The City had been using fuel management software since the mid-1990s, but began looking for a different system due to unreliability and lack of product support for the system, according to Butch Smith, fleet services supervisor for the City. "Overtime staffing expenses for after-hour downtime became a common occurrence," Smith added.
Smith expects the AIM2 system will produce reduced downtime as well as better support. Because its contracted maintenance vendor is a distributor and authorized repair station for FUELMASTER® , the City has already seen support response time decrease to 40 minutes (from three to five days previously).

We are very satisfied with Russ Whelan's (FUELMASTER® Regional Sales Manager) efforts, as well as that of your distributor, R.Y. Rodriguez Inc. The actual purchase process was made simple due to the fact that quote information and other related materials were provided promptly. I am confident that when I call him I will get a response. We are very happy with the product and look forward to many years of use.

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Jack Phillips

Fleet Maintenance Supervisor, La Mesa, CA

Jack Phillips, fleet maintenance supervisor, La Mesa, CA, looked into purchasing a new system after having problems with his previous fuel management system. After researching the available options, "I called people about their different systems. Most everybody said they just loved the FUELMASTER® system," he said. He goes on to say, "I'll be able to start looking at engine idle times, and other data so we can further reduce fuel consumption that way.".

Reprinted From Government Fleet Magazine, 7/19/2010

Samuel C. Swearengin

Fleet Administrator, City of Kansas City, Missouri

I was sold on the FUELMASTER® product for several reasons.

1. Proper Utilization of the entire fleet (about 4500 vehicles in all), placing vehicles in a job best suited for their design.
2. Idle Reduction – We needed to set idle reduction goals per dept and had no way of tracking it until FUELMASTER® came along, now the city has a policy and they can track it with AIM2.
3. Tax Credits on alternative fuels – FUELMASTER® reports will allow us to get accurate tax credits on CNG.
4. Vehicle Efficiency reports, staying on top to maintain a “healthy” fleet. now with AIM2.

Ted Larrabee

Director Special Programs, Georgia Environmental Facilities Authority, Land Resources Division

FUELMASTER® efforts to continually improve its products, develop new technologies, and provide tremendous customer support truly demonstrates that the State of Georgia has a long-term and valuable partner now and into the future.”

John Cantu

Department Director, Equipment Services, Maricopa County, AZ

According to John Cantu, department director, Equipment Services, Maricopa County, AZ, "The FUELMASTER® information on engine idling will be critical in establishing a baseline of measurement of excessive idling of vehicles and identifying operators in violation of Maricopa County anti-idling policy."

Reprinted from Government Fleet Magazine, 10/07/2010