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Top 10 Reasons to Join Syn-Tech

#1 Number One in the Industry
At Syn-Tech we are the leader in the commercial industry, as well as with the Department of Defense enabling our Customers to Save Money through our Fuel Management Systems.

#2 Become the Best
We strive to make you better than you ever thought you could be by providing networks, creative interaction with peers, stretch assignments. We also empower you to sustain your well-being with a wide array of health, wellness,  benefits.

#3 Do Meaningful Work
We all want to derive meaning from our daily activities. That’s why our leaders are focused on ensuring your work is as challenging, meaningful and as engaging as it can be. You are empowered to seek new opportunities that strengthen our product leadership position, improve lives through technology, enrich our customer experience and refine our employee experience.
#4 Innovate
With the highest R&D budget in the industry, Syn-Tech offers opportunities to exercise your imagination and creativity.  You will have the opportunity to move the needle with our Organizaiton and see the end product.
#5 Be Yourself
Our diverse workforce and inclusive work environment help us harness the collective creative energy required for breakthroughs in productivity and innovation that are foundational to product leadership.
#6 Work Stability
Our orgainization is recession proof, with an unscathed vibrant growth rate through the down-turn in the economy.
#7 Share Your Passion
You’ll be part of a high-performing work team, full of enthusiastic, energetic people who are passionate about what they do each day.
#8 Define Your Destiny
We offer resources that match your professional development interests, a culture that welcomes your ideas, the scope of business to help you pursue other disciplines in a low-stress family working environment.
#9 Involvement
Our Charitable Giving Program offers you year-round opportunities to help others in need and to support your local community.
#10 Low Turnover

Syn-Tech is proud to say we have a less than 1% turnover rate and we attribute this to the value we place on our employees and always striving to keep them happy and engaged!