Fleet Products

FuelMaster 3505 Plus

FuelMaster 3505 Plus The FuelMaster 3505 Plus series adds additional features that makes it the most effective fuel management system on the market.

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AIM2.4 Telematics Device

AIM2.4 Telematics Device (AIM2.4)
AIM2.4, the Leader in Automated Fuel Management .
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FuelMaster Mobile FMU 3535

FuelMaster Mobile FMU 3535 The FuelMaster FMU 3535 mobile system provides the same RFID technology for remote fueling locations.
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FuelMaster for Marinas

FuelMaster for Marinas The really good stories start here.
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FuelMaster 2500 Plus for Fleets

FuelMaster 2500 Plus for Fleets FuelMaster saves you money and increases accountability
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Car Wash

Car Wash Using the Syntech Systems Wash Rack Control System for vehicle wash racks allows users to track and reconcile required monthly/bi-monthly car washes for your assigned GSA vehicle and equipment fleet.
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